You don’t need the weatherman to tell you it’s raining NFT Games and in this deluge of play-to-earn, earn-to-play, play-and-earn, play-and-have-your-coffee-instantly-delivered, slapping GameFi on the label and calling it a day wouldn’t cut it anymore.

The world of video games is changing. Game development is moving from centralized companies to…

For new users, DeFi’s steep learning curve could be quite a drag and it could take a long time to master even for seasoned users. The quest to find the best yields and ape opportunities while being able to optimize existing yields often leads to executing multiple transactions several times…

With its mainnet launch and over $1.3m TVL, Rose, the first stablecoin and wrapped assets AMM on Aurora, is now set for its Token Distribution Event. Scheduled for the 2nd of December, the event will distribute 4.5% of the total to the community (as previously announced here) across two pools:

Following the community feedback on the new pools released yesterday and conversations in the telegram, we’ve modeled 4 new pools reward structure and would like the community’s feedback on these model before deploying.

Please keep in mind that these models should be taken as foundation for discussion and we welcome reward structures from the community.

Given the fact that DAO tools are still in development, we will be hosting the vote on our Telegram group. To vote on any model, please join and check the pinned message history.

The voting will be open for 24 hours to cover all time zones.


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