Vaporwave: The Second Wave

Let’s face it, time is crazy in crypto and a lot can happen in an hour, let alone a day. Fortunes made and lost at the drop of a hat. Divine inspiration falling from the sagacious lips of a bewildered frog or damnation from a tech bro. Literal hamsters outperform your portfolio… by the time the week sets it, it’s not unusual to feel steamrolled by events that could have taken a year to fully play out in the physical world. It’s no wonder a month can feel like a lifetime.

So, when we announced the delay of Vaporwave Finance’s TDE due to its legal compliance obligations, we were completely removed from the fact that the physical world turns at a much slower pace compared to its digital counterpart and at its own discretion. However, the obligation was something Vaporwave Finance could not sidestep due to the fact that some of its core developers are from the United States in order to legally issue the token for public sale.

Several legal entities, multiple legal teams, a mountain of paperwork, and 3 months later, Vaporwave Finance is now ready to not only launch, but also announce the developments its been working on

Reintroducing the Yield Maximizer

Vaporwave Finance is the first yield optimizer to launch on Aurora, allowing users to compound their Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens automatically in a secure, risk-free environment, ensuring users earn the highest APY possible. However, unlike most yield optimizers, the vaults wouldn’t be the only product Vaporwave Finance will be launching. As Aurora’s ecosystem continues to grow, so will users’ appetite and yield strategies.

Having experienced such growth on other blockchains, the team behind Vaporwave Finance will be releasing other products into its ecosystem to maximize users’ returns on their crypto assets, starting with its primary governance module shortly after the TDE.

With the governance module, users can stake VWAVE to get vVWAVE which allows them to earn more VWAVE when staked. vVWAVE will also be used for the vault voting system where token holders get to determine the vaults to boost, the reward and duration for boosted vaults, vaults and strategies to add, and more.

New TDE Wen?

With the legal hurdles now in its rearview mirror, it’s time to revisit the TDE on NearPad. 0.5% of the token supply — which comes up to $125,000 — worth of the token will be made available for the TDE AT $500 per token. The funds raised on the TDE will be used for liquidity on Aurora’s top DEXs. After the completion of the TDE and liquidity provided, Vaporwave Finance will open their protocol’s wETH reward pool, allowing users to stake VWAVE and earn wETH

Pool Type: Staking Only

Ticker Symbol: $VWAVE

Total Supply: 50,000 (50% of the supply will be distributed over two years through rewards for liquidity providers)

Token Event Allocation: 250 (0.5% of total supply)

Amount per Token: $500

Accepted Currency: USDT

TDE Start Date & Time: 28th April 2022 by 1600 UTC

TDE End Date & Time: 29th April 2022 by 1600 UTC

After-Sale Start Time: 29th April 2022 by 1600 UTC

After-Sale End Time: 30th April 2022 by 1600 UTC

Claim Date and Time: 30th April 2022 by 1900 UTC

Token Vesting: No

Network: Aurora

It’s important to note that half of VWAVE’s total supply will be distributed as rewards to users over the next two years through the vault voting system. As the protocol continues to grow, so will the opportunities and avenues for earning VWAVE.

Prior to the voting system going live, the top 10 vaults based on TVL on the platform will be boosted. Users staking in these vaults will be able to stake their vapor-vault receipt tokens on the ‘Vibe Out’ page and earn VWAVE for free.

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DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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