Path of Survival: The Rise of A New GameFi Hero

You don’t need the weatherman to tell you it’s raining NFT Games and in this deluge of play-to-earn, earn-to-play, play-and-earn, play-and-have-your-coffee-instantly-delivered, slapping GameFi on the label and calling it a day wouldn’t cut it anymore.

The world of video games is changing. Game development is moving from centralized companies to the collective collaboration of gaming communities around the world. With this new paradigm, the boundaries for creativity and imagination are not just limitless; they have been erased.

Taking advantage of the breakthroughs made by DeFi and NFT, GameFi has exploded on the scene, disrupting a $300 billion industry where the tens of hours spent weekly by its estimated 3.24 billion end-users is often considered a waste of time. This is because while traditional games allow gamers to trade and collect digital assets, they do not really own them as they reside on a centralised server which, if the publisher decides to discontinue the game, could wipe everything they’ve invested into it. All the effort spent grinding out levels, perfecting builds and tactics, unlocking secret levels and traversing dangerous terrains in search of the best loot, and time spent crafting unique items becomes all for nought.

In contrast, games built on blockchain technology not only have their assets stored on a distributed network and an immutable ledger, but it also allows gamers to lend, borrow, trade, and transfer these assets while earning cryptocurrencies as they play. This unprecedented degree of composability and alignment of incentives is making it easier for developers to engage with and retain the loyalty of gamers. However, the industry is in danger of being overrun with poorly thought-out products that wouldn’t get a second look in a bargain bin thanks to the mad rush to offer products catering to this growing sector. Sooner or later, gamers will start to demand quality over quantity just like DeFi matured from food farming to launching protocols with multifaceted utility. This vision is what is driving the team behind Path of Survival.

Your Game, Your Path

Path of Survival is a DAO-governed, immersive adventure game where players must fight to survive and vanquish the evil plaguing the world. The game takers players on a perilous journey through multiple worlds where they can fight through different maps, training their heroes and upgrade gear, vanquish bosses, take on other players, join a guild and go on adventures or even attack other guilds to lay claim to the best loot and title!

The players own all items, characters, and lands in the game, allowing them to lend, trade, rent, farm and build their own unique character and playstyle.

Being an MMORPG game, Path of Survival will be incentivising players to form guilds and to not only quest for glory, honor, and fame but also to govern the game, becoming the first blockchain game to implement a DAO system within the clan/guild ecosystem. By joining Clans, players can gain passive income as well as progress in the game. The Clan’s income is directly proportional to its membership. The more members it has, the higher the return. Members of a clan can also unlock additional benefits, rewards, and bonuses from the various buildings on their Clan’s land

Path of Survival is powered by its deflationary $SRV token and serves as a valuable resource for surviving the challenges of the desolate lands. The token is used for managing inventory space, upgrading hero skills, acquiring and repairing weapons and gears from merchants, paying transport fares, purchasing consumables, clans and tournament entry fee payment, and respeccing.

Forging a New Path with NearPad

NearPad is proud to be a contributing partner for the genesis launch and distribution of Path of Survival’s $SRV token. In our next article, we will be diving deep into the distribution event and its requirements.

Stay tuned.

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