PAD Digest #1: 2023 Roadmap Overview

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3 min readFeb 1, 2023


You don’t always have to make grand resolutions for the New Year. They just have to be feasible. By now, we all know what it’s like to get caught up in the excitement of a new year and then feel like we’re failing by mid-February. Hence the reason why when one of our core contributors opted to get more than 6 hours of sleep and knocked their resolution out of the park in 3 days rather than opt for the glorious opportunity to spend the year getting in shape, PAD.FI’s roadmap sprang to life.

First things First

Having realised that the only thing holding us back is our own expectations, we set down to outline our top goals for the year and came up with the following high-level targets:

  • Optimise router for aggregating network liquidity through a unified DEX interface
  • Continue to develop decentralised apps focused on Aurora’s ecosystem, users, and usability.
  • Create a decentralised organisational structure for contributors to foster autonomy and accountability across the board
  • Launch community governance infrastructure
  • Merge token utility
  • Launch additional product feature

Then, we broke them down into the following categories:

  • Website: As the primary gateway into the product ecosystem, there is a constant need to ensure that this entry point is frictionless. We analysed the intuitiveness of the current iteration of the website, ease of use, and responsiveness in order to identify room for improvement.
  • Platform: With the core logic of the aggregator defined and the routing mechanism established, work on the DEX aggregator code is well underway, which means we now have to start building out a user-friendly front-end that will also factor in our existing DEX. We believe that aggregation is the best way to deliver a positive user experience
  • DAO Community: Following the seismic events of 2022, community engagement and participation declined significantly. The market’s trust and confidence especially from retail are critical to the ecosystem but will be arduous to regain.
  • New Feature: Becoming a DeFi hub isn’t just a marketing blurb we stumbled upon to make ourselves try to stand out. We intend to build out a series of interconnected protocols with most of the values concentrated on PAD.FI. However for this to truly be a DeFi hub, we needed to understand the current needs and project future ones.

Having established the above, we realized that there was no single category that we could focus on per quarter due to their interdependencies. To overcome this, we decided to break down releases into versions across all categories with the following tasks:

Website v1

  • Reduce hardware resource consumption by optimizing the animation
  • Update links to reflect recent changes

Platform v1 — Launchpad

  • Explore permissionless listing module for Launchpad
  • Implement fund commitment during the enrolment period on Launchpad
  • Implement the LBP module on Launchpad

Platform v1 — DEX + Aggregator

  • Deploy a graph instance that supports tracing
  • Deploy analytics UI for the DEX (dependent on graph tracing availability)
  • Make pool listing permissionless
  • Implement and optimise trade path algorithm for profit maximization/costs minimization
  • Implement a price mover impact estimator library for the trade path algorithm
  • Implement a gas estimator library for the trade path finder algorithm
  • Implement exposure mechanism to the NEAR L1
  • Implement a DEX aggregator UI with MM web3 integration
  • Integrate chart on aggregator

DAO Community v1

  • Setting up a DAO communication and participation structure
  • Deploy on-chain voting contracts
  • Change UI to aid in on-chain voting
  • Incentivize voting by handing out NFTs
  • Unify token functions to support DAO voting

New Feature v1

  • Integrate lending and borrowing
  • Deploy oracle
  • Implementation liquidation mechanism

Our goal is to implement the v1 roadmap by the end of the first half of the year. Nonetheless, we will now publish PAD Digest every month as an update on our progress.

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