NearPad Token Distribution Event Sold Out!!!

We are pleased to announce the close of our $PAD distribution event. Smashing through the $750,000 hard cap in under 2 minutes.

We’ve both been overwhelmed and humbled by the support and backing we’ve received from the community and the industry. From the constant communication and feedback from ecosystem stakeholders to invaluable insights and engagements from our burgeoning community, NearPad’s development continues to reinforce our belief that the sum of our parts is much bigger than the whole regardless of how any one of us first got into the industry.

Together, we can. Together, we’re all Satoshi.

What’s Next

Token claim start on September 2nd, 2021 by 11 PM PDT/ 8AM CEST and liquidity has been added at $0.25 per token on Sushiswap: which can be verified here:

Do keep in mind that the initial liquidity and market action could be volatile for the first couple of hours.

With the funding and platform launch truly in our rearview mirror now, development is now underway on the first iteration of the DAO and implementation of our aggregator ecosystem. To this end, we have also started engaging developers to build critical DeFi infrastructures on Aurora.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our ecosystem partnership, features integration and product updates, ecosystem growth, and project incubation.

For developers interested in building on Aurora, please fill this form and we will get back to you. Not a developer, but know a team or a project you’d liked to see on Aurora too, go ahead and fill this form.




DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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