NearPad Partners Bluebit to Enhance Yield Opportunities on Aurora

BlueBit Finance, a decentralized yield aggregator protocol, and NearPad are proud to announce a strategic, ecosystem partnership to further enhance yield and liquidity farming avenues on Aurora with various risk tolerances, utility features, and accessibility.

Blockchain ecosystems have never been so busy. Lending platforms are bustling, DEXs are full of liquidity, and the stablecoin market is booming. Yielding farming became a particularly popular way to generate revenue for blockchain players. What is it? Yielding farming is when you lend or stake your crypto to a platform in exchange for interest rewards and added value. With the growing popularity of Aurora EVM and DeFi protocol on it, there’s no shortage of yield opportunities for farmers. BlueBit will serve as a go-to tool for users looking to optimize capital efficiency and resource allocation throughout the ecosystem

“BlueBit Finance is a proud NEAR Foundation grant recipient. We are dedicated to building future yield aggregation on NEAR’s Aurora EVM. The protocol is designed to serve users with various risk tolerances, as well as to deliver a premier farming experience”

Key features:

1. More innovative: The first yield aggregator natively applies the CRV-style voting escrow model

2. More secure: Continuous audits from trusted third parties, fully open-source codes, 24hr time lock for major contracts, whitelist for pools, and multisig for treasury funds

3. More efficient: Offering users 6 chances to earn with BlueBit

4. More accessible: Intuitive and easy-to-use UI/UX design

5. More comprehensive: A complete set of farming tools tailored to meet various needs of DeFi users

6. More dedicated: native yield aggregator only focuses on NEAR/Aurora Ecosystem

The token initial distribution will be via an IDO slated for March. Details to be published closer to the event.

Stay tuned

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DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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