Maximizing Your Yield with Vaporwave Finance

For new users, DeFi’s steep learning curve could be quite a drag and it could take a long time to master even for seasoned users. The quest to find the best yields and ape opportunities while being able to optimize existing yields often leads to executing multiple transactions several times a day. In a fast-moving market that often rewards first movers and early users, any misstep could end up being quite the costly experience.

What if you could find, ape into, and maximize the best yield opportunities in a single click? What if you could do so right now on a working product? Got your attention? Good, let’s talk about Vaporwave Finance.

Surfing the Yield Waves

Vaporwave Finance is the first yield optimizer on Aurora with over $8m in Total Volume Locked (TVL) currently. The platform enables users to compound their Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens automatically in a secure, risk-free environment, ensuring users earn the highest APY possible. Vaporwave Finance auto compounds yield every 15 minutes, offering 39 vaults across four DEXs.

Users deposit their liquidity pool (LP) tokens into the appropriate vault for the asset they’ve provided liquidity for. The smart contract securely takes these tokens, stakes them, and automatically starts compounding the reward into the staked LP tokens, eliminating the need to micromanage the process.

Unlike most yield optimizers, the vaults wouldn’t be the only product Vaporwave Finance will be launching. As Aurora’s ecosystem continues to grow, so will users’ appetite and yield strategies. Having experienced such growth on other blockchains, the team behind Vaporwave Finance will be releasing other products into its ecosystem to maximize users’ returns on their crypto assets.

Having successfully bootstrapped the growth of its community and platform utility, Vaporwave Finance is now set to unveil the next phase of development: the $VWAVE token public distribution.

Wen $VWAVE Sers?

VWAVE is a governance and reward distribution token through which token holders can govern the protocol and receive reward distribution from revenues generated by the platform. Vaporwave Finance currently has a 4.5% on profits fee (which can be lowered by the DAO in the future), out of which 77% of the fees will be distributed to stakers

As a governance tool, $VWAVE token holders will be able to determine the vaults to boost, the reward and duration for boosted vaults, vaults and strategies to add, and many more.

But how can you stake $VWAVE if there isn’t $VWAVE? Patience, young padawan

Vaporwave Finance is proud to be partnering with NearPad to host $VWAVE’s Token Distribution Event. The event is scheduled as follows:

Pool Type: Staking Only

Ticker Symbol: $VWAVE

Total Supply: 50,000 (50% of the supply will be distributed over two years through rewards for liquidity providers)

Token Event Allocation: 250 (0.5% of total supply)

Amount per Token: $500

Accepted Currency: USDT

TDE Start Date & Time: 13th January 2022 by 1600 UTC

TDE End Date & Time: 14th January 2022 by 1600 UTC

After-Sale Start Time: 14th January 2022 by 1600 UTC

After-Sale End Time: 15th January 2022 by 1600 UTC

Claim Date and Time: 15th January 2022 by 1900 UTC

Token Vesting: No

Network: Aurora

Following the completion of the event, the top 10 vaults, based on TVL, will be boosted for a limited time. Users will also be able to earn $VWAVE simply by depositing their LP in the vaults for auto-compounding, then using their vault receipt tokens to deposit in a boost pool

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DeFi Hub for NEAR Ecosystem.

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