Get Over here! Announcing NearPad x MetaFighter Collaboration

Video games are now at the epicentre of the metaverse as a new generation of immersive experiences takes user interaction to a new level. Millions of people across the globe spend as much as 16 or more hours a week playing video games, a vast majority of which is played online and are free-to-play.

Free-to-play games allow users to play a fully-featured game without having to pay a lump-sum amount up-front, but they can purchase features, services, or virtual goods to enhance their gaming experience. By eliminating the cost barrier, gamers can freely dive into the game world and explore its potential without paying a single penny, creating a good springboard for generating critical mass at launch.

Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, War Frame, and Apex Legend are just a few of the games which have implemented this system to great success. Most free-to-play games offer paid items to gamers. These paid items serve a variety of purposes, including cosmetic changes, enhancing their character’s ability, or speeding up progress.

With its continuous narrative and consistent add-ons and expansions, fighting games are the perfect poster child for the free-to-play model, offering an unparallel opportunity for players to try out fighters and understand the nuances of their movesets without having to pay for the experience

Using this approach, companies can monetize their games by allowing new updates to be released on a regular basis. The more frequent the update, the higher the retention rate and longevity of the game. That being said, the biggest stumbling block for consumers with most free to play games is when they are finding it hard to progress at a comfortable pace without spending extra money. Microtransactions are usually used in two ways: to offer outright unlocks, or actions that are time-saving in nature, but both of these can easily run into pricing and “pay-to-win” gameplay issues.

Undoubtedly, free-to-play is a great way to attract and onboard gamers. However, the problem of forcing players to invest so much time and money with little to no way of truly owning and monetizing their game assets remains a challenge for the industry. This challenge is what MetaFighter has set out to resolve.

Every NFT Gangsta Until Liquidity

By leveraging the blockchain to build the economy of the game, gamers become verifiable owners of the game. Everything from gears to cosmetics, player character stats and appearance, home and land, and collectables can uniquely belong to the player in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

NFTs are digital, programmable objects that live on the blockchain and can have both functional and intrinsic value. These items can represent digital property rights and ownership and the transfer of those rights. However, liquidity issues continue to hamper the integration of NFTs into games.

MetaFighter is a skilled-based, free-to-play/play-to-earn hybrid fighting game built on the DNA of fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibre. Billed as the ultimate, metaverse championship, the game allows players to not only lend, rent, and purchase fighters as NFTs, they can also do the same for arenas, skins, and even fighting moves. The latter is set to make MetaFighter one of the most customisable fighting games in the industry, enabling players to mix-and-match skills and appearances according to their own fighting meta.

Acknowledging the importance of not only building a good game but also developing a comprehensive and seamless network for the ecosystem, MetaFighter is building a multi-chain marketplace for buying and selling NFTs alongside a portal for earning NFTs via staking its native $FIGHT token. The platform will also be penetrating the competitive Fighting Game Community to make MetaFightera staple of the scene. The FGC is a very passionate scene where players have been known to sink thousands of hours into learning fighters moveset and perfecting their responses competitively.

Final Round: Fight

NearPad is partnering with MetaFighter for the Token Distribution Event of its $FIGHT tokens. $FIGHT tokens can be used for acquiring NFTs on the marketplace, placing bets on fighters and directly challenging fighters, stake for exclusive NFTs, increase the experience points gained for levelling up fighters, and govern game features and direction.

MetaFighter is just starting to emerge from months of stealth development. To learn more about their development and plans, see this explainer

In the next article, we will dive into the Token Distribution Event and its requirements.

Stay tuned

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