Announcing NearPad Public Sale and Community Initiative

3 min readAug 19, 2021


We’re proud to announce the launch of NearPad’s token distribution event for the platform’s native $PAD token. Scheduled for the 1st of September, the event will also serve as the public unveiling of the launchpad and will be the only means of acquiring the token at launch.

Having recently closed our seed funding round, we’ve now set about platform launch and features development in earnest. We are also thrilled to announce the genesis launch of our NFT airdrop campaign designed to distribute our utility boosting NFTs into the hands of the community.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when it comes to NFTs, the eye NFT beholders goes beyond the aesthetic”

Digital financial assets, or DeFi, have grown in popularity over the past few years. NFTs are currently the hottest trend in the market. The industries of these digital assets have been growing to incorporate new ways of creating, issuing and owning these units of value. As both industries continue to innovate, there remains a distinct need for overlaps, after all, the rise of DeFi can be attributed to the desire to put idle assets to work.

Why not NFTs too?

Fronted by our adorable, extraterrestrial mascot, the genesis will airdrop 600 out of a total of 4269 unique NFTs via a lottery system to the public. An additional 50 NFTs will be given to early community members that have posted at least 3 messages in the telegram group, while the remaining amount will be distributed to addresses that interact with the launchpad during the $PAD token distribution event.

Rather than being yet another novelty token, these NFTs will enable their holders to access exclusive features on NearPad in the future. Some of these features include exclusive token farming events for partner projects, increased time allocation for participating in launchpad projects, access to special pools, project airdrops and custom merch.

To sign up for a chance to win one of the NFTs, click here and fill this form. Participants must follow us on Twitter and Telegram to be eligible.

PAD Token Sale Details

  • Token Sale Date: September 1st, 2021 (9:00 AM PDT / 06:00 PM CEST (Check your local time here)
  • Total Initial Supply: 3,000,000 PAD
  • Public Sale Token Allocation: 3,000,000 PAD (2% of the total supply)
  • Total Raise: $750,000
  • Public Sale PAD Price: $0.25
  • Mode: First come, first serve (FCFS)
  • Maximum Individual Allocation: 40,000 PAD
  • Lock Up: None
  • Accepted Payment: USDT
  • Venue: Self-hosted at
  • Network: Ethereum Mainnet
  • Initial Circulating Market Cap: $750,000
  • Initial Fully Diluted Market Cap: $37,500,000
  • Total Supply : 150,000,000 PAD

PAD Token Distribution