Announcing Aurora’s First DEX and Liquidity Farming Platform

Following the successful launch and token migration on Aurora, we’re pleased to announce the v1 release of our DEX. This release kicks off the start of our Trailblazer Liquidity Mining event where we will be incentivizing our launch pool with

The v1 release serves as the beta where we introduce the DEX to the community using a familiar Uniswap/Sushi based interface. The team is already currently working on v2 which will showcase a fully custom UI that is more information-rich, and adhering to NearPad’s emphasis on design and user experience.

With the DEX launch, we’re now paving the way for liquidity and yield farming flow from Ethereum to Aurora. However, to make the reward distribution fair and equitable to all participants, reward distribution for liquidity pool token stakers will be delayed by 12 hours. This is to allow everyone to stake their liquidity pool within a reasonable time and start earning rewards without being handicapped by their time zone.

“The launch of the DEX marks the real launch of NearPad, as its mission to become the DeFi hub on Aurora becomes more tangible. We’re excited to work with Aurora, Near, and the budding ecosystem projects to make a more enticing and comprehensive offering to all community members.” — Aiden Knox, core contributor

To start farming, go to:

$PAD Ethereum Contract Address: 0xea7Cc765eBC94C4805e3BFf28D7E4aE48D06468A

$PAD Aurora Contract Address: 0x885f8CF6E45bdd3fdcDc644efdcd0AC93880c781

How to bridge from Ethereum to Aurora:

What comes after the one month program? Good question, we hope to have v2 of the DEX deployed by the end of the program and then propose a DAO vote for a long term liquidity program.

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